Headshot Photography: A New York City Guide

If you are in the New York area and are in need of professional headshot photography services that are noticeably different from the rest, I understand.
I am Paul Gregory of Paul Gregory Photography and I understand the difference between taking a picture and capturing that perfect image that you need to display the best that you have to offer. Not only do I think outside the box, but I am a complete risk taker. My headshots capture that star quality while maintaining each person’s unique individuality. I also stay true to the best element that each of my clients brings to the photo shoot. So the entire experience is always unique and organic.

New York is a very competitive area and I know how important it is for you to work with a skilled headshot photographer that delivers measurable results every time.

My photos are non-traditional. I am highly skilled at allowing my client’s eyes to provide that intimate connection during the photo shoots; all while provide that finishing touch that captures the attention of reputable, well-trained industry pros.

I also know and understand how important a professional headshot is to your career. That’s why I offer a mixture of related services that will help you get to where you want to go in your career.

My services stand out because my photo shoots reflect the best shots possible. Mainly the ones with that perfect end result. The ones that have captured that perfect special moment that makes my clients look amazingly flawless.

So, if you are located in the New York area and are in need of professional headshot photography services, this guide is for you.

Images that Speaks Volumes

I know how important it is to have a photographer for different images. What good is it to have a photographer if he can’t provide you with that perfect image that speaks louder than words?

My headshot photography services are for all the different ways that you need to project your best image - for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re an actor, musician, model or anything in between, my expertise will result in breathtaking images that simply speaks volumes.

What Makes Photography Effective

There are many different elements that make a studio shoot effective. This includes both the technical aspects as well as the creative aspects of photography. Only a trained eye can combine elements such as depth, leading lines, curves and patterns and the perfect blend of colors and lighting. These combined elements are needed to go into a photo shoot that delivers the most effective headshots possible.

My background and expertise have contributed to knowing how to bring out the right attitude when working with clients. I do this by making sure that each client evokes just the right amount of emotion, mood, look and feel to bring out the most in the photo shoot. This is just another effective technique that I use. The method is designed to assist clients break into the entertainment industry for the first time or land that next big gig of a lifetime.

How I Best Strategize Each Headshot Photo Shoot

Every photo shoot is unique based on the unique elements that each client brings to the process. I strategize each unique studio shoot by conceptualizing the end result before its execution.

I develop a workflow that involves conceptualizing and planning the shoot, the actual photo shoots itself, culling and editing any necessary retouches. I also take the time to critique my own work and processes to ensure that it provides the best possible outcome for each client.

1. Planning and Conceptualizing Stage

During this stage, I determine what concept I want for my photo shoot. I determine what story I want the image to tell. Since I work with actors, musicians, models, comedians and other types of professionals in need of professional portfolios, there are many different directions that can be taken with each photo shoot.

The concept will be based on the most interesting element that provides the right amount of inspiration, mood or emotion that needs to be communicated through the final image. Wardrobe, make-up, and hair also play an important role in this part of the process as well. Each of these areas significantly enhances the quality of the images.

I also communicate with my clients to find out what they most envision concerning the outcome of their photo session. I have found that communicating with clients creates a connection that helps us both on the day of the photo shoot.

2. Location

After I’ve nailed down a concept for the photo shoot, I will decide on the best location or set design for the shoot.

I basically make sure that the location or set fits in well with the overall story that’s to be told and the overall concept of the shoot.

3. Lighting

The gear and lighting techniques that I use is as equally important for me to deliver the best images possible.

4. Culling and Editing

Although culling and editing are something that happens after the photo shoot, it’s still a very important element of the headshot photography process.

I go through a culling process to make sure that I only choose the best images available. The top picks will be the best reflection of

a) My artistic and creative abilities
b) What I initially envisioned, and
c) The quality and the image that the client was trying to display in the photo

As far as editing goes, it basically comes into play if there is a need for retouches.

In laying out my plan, I must also make sure that actual shoot goes according to the plan. Planning in advance helps me to implement each of the elements indicated. It also helps me to stay focused and stay on track during each of the photo sessions.

Headshot Photography Services That Can Help Take Your Career to the Next Level

If you’re new to the industry or are well-seasoned and just need to land that next gig, you need to make that proper transition from your previous image to a new one. Rather it’s one of a rising star or one of a well-established, quality star, my photography services will give you the boost you need to go that extra mile in today's competitive industry. Your headshots from Paul Gregory Photography will assist you with standing out from the crowd and taking your career to the next level.

  • When image is really important to you, I can take what you’ve envisioned for your photo shoot from the inspirational state to the image.
  • When you need shots that build careers, I can combine a mixture of my creative and artistic abilities with my technical skills to provide you with industry quality images.
  • Social Media: with the rise in the use of social media, your images can recirculate and work their way around social media at any time. Therefore, I will make sure you look your absolute best on each of your still images.
  • Shots that build your brand, I will also make sure that your headshots match the brand and image that you are trying to create for yourself in your industry.

So if your current headshot is not providing you with the images that you were going after, then you should consider giving my headshot photography services a try. I will be sure to work with you to make sure your photo session is based on exactly what you envisioned and often times more.

More than Just a Photo Shoot

When I work with my clients, they soon discover that my photo sessions are more than just a photo shoot, but it’s a series of elements that are perfectly blended to provide both a great experience and images that communicate exactly what my clients were hoping for. The end results will speak volumes and offer flawless, quality results each and every time.

What Makes Me Your Top Pick In Photographers?

With my years of training and work in the entertainment industry along with my long list of clients, I bring quality experience and a wealth of knowledge to every photo shoot. Since one of the most important qualities of a good photographer is the ability to ensure that the photo effectively communicates with the viewers, my expertise allows me to develop images that tell the story of what’s being projected.

With a mixture of service offerings, including consultation, photography, make-up, and hair, I will be able to recommend the proper elements for a flawless photo shoot. From a creative aspect, I will recommend the perfect wardrobe, style, mood, make-up, and hair. From a technical aspect, I will recommend the perfect lighting, lens, technique, settings and more.

So basically my background and expertise allow me to implement the perfect balance between technique and creativity to capture the perfect moment.
When you hire Paul Gregory Photography, you’ll immediately notice that I don’t just take pictures, but I create images: Images that speak volumes, tells stories and gets noticed.

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