Paul Gregory Photography is a professional headshot specialist. Known as one of the best since 1990, always innovative always coming up with something new. Always new inspiring stories. Encouraging, passionate, stylish, on the pulse of what is to come. His experience as a headshot photographer uses all his skills to get you the ultimate presence in your headshot. We have expanded now to do fitness photography, fashion photography, body photography, dancer headshots, business headshots, and retouching.


"My Yelp rating is five star, and nothing makes me happier than a client who achieves a milestone, or has a breakthrough aided by a photo I took. I take this seriously, it is my life. So if you need a photo that has a person in it, I will deliver, if it’s headshot photography, corporate photography, Photography in Los Angeles, Photography in New York, choose me, choose Paul Gregory Photography" PG


Sessions are conducted in spectacular spaces, in New York the studio is a penthouse with a view of the Empire State building, or in L.A. we are in the Hills with a view of the mountains. Each session is tailored to you. Paul will collaborate with you, and gently guide you if you are about to make a mistake. We offer make up, done uniquely by Paul, as he has done for over 25 years. Paul can consult briefly before your session via phone, FaceTime, or in person . Paul continually makes sure that everything is current. He will help you make the right choices for this shoot and future shoots. (Wardrobe advice will be sent to every client before the session)


Paul Gregory Photography’s mission is to provide clients with the best actor headshots, dance headshots, fashion portfolios, corporate headshots. tailored for casting directors, agents, and managers in The Los Angeles and New York entertainment industry.

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